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Image Processing, Measurement and Visualization in 3D

XSIGNO is an entry-level solution to photogrammetry. A photo-measurement software to determine 3D coordinates and distances from a collection of digital photographs.

A measurement is done by taking pictures from changing views of a measurement object. By placing an orientation board into the field of view, the position of the camera is determined.
Its spatial coordinate is measured by marking a point of interest in two or more views.

By fitting planar surfaces to the coordinates, you can mark and extract textured models. Export your model in Collada format to your favorit CAD or interior planning software. With the provided flashplayer, you can present your Collada models in the internet.

To see how it works, please take a look at the screenshot examples or the flash tutorial.

To view this page ensure that Adobe Flash Player version 10.0.0 or greater is installed.


  • Turn your camera into a flexible measurement tool to measure distances and angles.
  • Measure small objects in macro mode or buildings, if the object fits into the field of view it can be measured.
  • Photographs are the ideal documentation to your measurement, you can easily explain or forward your intent. By publishing as 3D PDF document, you can easily forward your measurement by Web or Email.
  • With a lasermeter it is easy to miss an important figure, using photo-measurements allow to extract additional figures from the available images.
  • You do not need to touch the object. You can measure the position of points that are fragile or out of reach.


  • Image processing to extract the pixel position of orientation markers.
  • Calibration of barrel effect in wide-angle photography.
  • Bundle adjustment algorithm to determine camera orientation and 3D coordinates.
  • Distance and angular measurements.
  • Publish as 3D PDF for Acrobat Reader.
  • Export to Collada format for exchanging data with Google Sketchup or other interior design and CAD Software.


  • A digital camera supporting the EXIF 2.2 metadata standard.
  • Computer with minimum 512MB RAM and MS Windows.
  • An orientation board.


A testversion is available for download. The orientation board is available on request.

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